Navigating wage and hour laws is crucial for employers and employees in Los Angeles. Both parties should seek guidance from a qualified Los Angeles employment attorney to ensure compliance and protect their rights. Here are[...]

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Employees of all industries in California must understand their rights regarding termination. Most employment in California functions on an “at-will” basis, meaning both the employer and the employee have the right to terminate the working[...]

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Azadian Law Group Named “Best Employment Lawyers In Los Angeles”: The Los Angeles employment attorneys and wrongful termination lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC are pleased to announce that our law firm was named[...]

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Pasadena based employment law firm, Azadian Law Group, PC, was selected by the oldest and most respected legal publication in California, The Daily Journal, as one of the top 20 boutique law firms in all[...]

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Often in employment lawsuits, employers try to hide damaging information during the course of “discovery,” which is the process where the employee can request information from the employer during a lawsuit. The aggressive employment lawyers[...]

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A wage theft enforcement bill that will empower local California authorities to investigate wage theft claims has recently been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. This bill (SB 1342), authored by Senator Tony Mendoza[...]

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In this piece, Pasadena attorney George S. Azadian gives you his insights into Overtime Pay. This article is for general information purposes only and is not presented as legal advice, and is not to be[...]

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Eighteen car wash workers who have been embroiled in a wage theft lawsuit for about five years have finally won justice, as they have secured a $1.65 million settlement. Marking the largest wage theft award[...]

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A Beverly Hills lingerie retailer – Agent Provocateur, Inc. – has recently been sued for alleged overtime pay violations. Filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on May 13th, this case (Case No. BC620413)[...]

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