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June 24, 2016

Car Wash Workers Awarded $1.65 Million in Wage Theft Case

Eighteen car wash workers who have been embroiled in a wage theft lawsuit for about five years have finally won justice, as they have secured a $1.65 million settlement.

Marking the largest wage theft award secured in their industry, this settlement will reportedly result in payouts of about $91,000 for all of the plaintiffs, with the exception of two individuals who will reportedly receive about $200,000 each (due to having worked for the car wash employer for significantly longer than the other plaintiffs).

Details of the Case: The Allegations

According to court documents associated with this wage theft case, the 18 workers were employed at four different car wash facilities throughout New York and New Jersey, all of which were owned by the same individual.

In addition to alleging wage theft in this case, the plaintiffs also contended that they had been subjected to:

  • Working grueling schedules, including 10-hour shifts, during which they were not allowed to take breaks
  • Eating lunch while standing up and only when business slowed down
  • Dealing with incredibly adverse working conditions, including being forced to service more than 1,000 cars per day and, in some cases, having to wait for work in sub-zero weather.

Ramon Alvarez, 70, was among the plaintiffs in this wage theft case. He reportedly worked for one of the car washes for about six years, during which time it was common for him to earn $20 per day (including tips).

Commenting on this settlement, Alvarez has stated:

When I looked for help, they kicked me out of work because I looked for help… And for me, it was very difficult to take care of my family without a job. Today, I say thank you, God, that we won. Thank you to the American legal system. Here we thank the rules.

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