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October 14, 2016

how-to-lock-files-and-folder-with-passwordOften in employment lawsuits, employers try to hide damaging information during the course of “discovery,” which is the process where the employee can request information from the employer during a lawsuit. The aggressive employment lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, do not let employers get away with these tricks.

Just this past month, Azadian Law Group’s employment attorneys succeeded in obtaining Court Orders in both Los Angeles Superior Court and Riverside Superior Court, which required two employers to turn over the information requested by our lawyers and sanctioned the employers/defendants thousands of dollars for their failures to comply with the California Discovery Act.

In discussing these victories with a group of other employment lawyers, Mr. Azadian remarked: “In every employment case, we have to push and push to make sure we are getting all the ammo we can to prove our clients’ cases in a persuasive and compelling manner. It is important that we make a record with the Judge if the employer is hiding information behind objections that really have no merit. Obtaining sanctions against employers is rare but based on our extensive experience in employment law many Judges will agree with our arguments and even go the extra step in finding the employer did not have ‘substantial justification’ for withholding the information and award monetary sanctions.”


If you have been one of the many victims of a wrongful termination – or any violation of your rights as an employee, contact a Los Angeles employment law attorney at the Azadian Law Group, PC for a free case evaluation to find out more about your options for recovery and justice.

At the Azadian Law Group, PC, our lawyers exclusively represent employees – we never represent employers. This has endowed our attorneys with the experience, knowledge, insight and resources necessary to effectively represent our clients in any legal setting and bring their cases to favorable resolutions.

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