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George was an extremely professional and effective employment lawyer. He was very responsive, even after the case was settled. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a top-notch attorney.

- Kerrie

I recently had George Azadian review my severance package and to my delight was able to get me a much better offer than I originally received. I highly recommend the Azadian Law Group.

- Dennis

If I could give this law firm 10 stars I would. At what I thought would be a very stressful & long process actually turned out not even close to being as bad as I thought. All THANKS to George Azadian he is amazing at what he does. He kept me informed every step of the way no matter how big or little it was if I had questions or concerns within minutes of my emailing him he would call with answers not once did I ever have to talk to assistants always was George. Promise if you need an employment lawyer you won’t go wrong if you chose Azadian Law Group. Again thank you George for making this process look like a walk in the park.

- Regina

We reached out to Azadian group based on google search, at that time we didn’t know much about them but as soon as we started attending depositions with them, we were extremely impressed and thrilled to have them as our attorneys. George has some extraordinary deposition skills 🙂 and was very kind, supportive and diligent. I am glad I chose them!

- Shilpa

I want to thank the Azadian Law group for all their help. When I got wrongfully terminated, I did not know what to do or where to start. Thank you all for everything!

- Annika

I called the Azadian law group for a consultation and after speaking with Ani and George Azadian I decided to hire them to represent my case. They treated me as a family. They are very honest, knowledgeable, aggressive, transparent employment lawyers. Everybody at Azadian law group are very welcoming and pleasant professionals.Everything worked out very well and I’m very happy with the results. Thanks George and his wonderful group!

- Nadine

George Azadian and his entire staff were a wonderful team. George responded quickly to all my emails and phone calls. He works in a very honest and professional manner. He explained at all times what was going and what to expect next. During the depositions again, he was very knowledgeable. I world highly recommend him and his firm. Forever grateful for all his help.

- Natalie Clemens

George and his law firm did an outstanding job on my case. I would recommend Azadian Law Group for any wrongful terminations.

- Henry C

George Azadian was very professional and extremely knowledgeable with reference to my options in an age and wrongful termination case. He was able to help me send a message to my previous employer that they can’t treat people in their employ in a discriminatory manner. I was pleased with the settlement outcome. I would recommend George to anyone concerned with their treatment in the workplace or concerned with how and why they were terminated.

- James N.

An Awesome Attorney. Working with George Azadian was an awesome experience. He is a smart, highly competent and compassionate employment attorney. George was always willing to thoroughly answer any questions I had, was patient, extremely communicative about progress in negotiations — and most importantly for any client — he delivered favorable results in the settlement negotiations he handled for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an employment attorney. It’s no wonder he has so many glowing reviews.

- Evan

BEST EMPLOYMENT ATTORNEY. Azadian Law Group are great employment lawyers. I am thankful for their services and would highly recommend them as being very caring employment lawyers who care about their clients.

- Roxy

I called Azadian Law Group to see if they could help me for wrongful termination and after speaking with George and his team I right away got a good vibe from them and they were very professional and very nice and helpful in everything I needed. Once they took my case the process was fast and George always kept me updated on the steps in my case. I’m happy I found them and I would totally recommend them thanks George.

- Gabriela

I definitely have to recommend Azadian Law Group, the lawyer was committed to assist me in the difficult time and was able to get me a good settlement in less than 3 months. They are really good in giving update over the phone or email and if you provide all the information they need they work fast. I strongly advise you to give them a call it doesn’t hurt, they will hear your situation and they definitely will help you.

- Cindy A.

This guy is fantastic!!! Not only does he have a sense of humor he always was there to answer my questions  He knows exactly what he’s doing with employee cases, just all around a great experience with George.

- Teresa

Azadian Law Group represented me in a complex case, George is very professional and honestly he overpassed my expectations.

If I could give 10 stars I would it, I truly recommend Azadian  Law Group and George, if you need to be represented you want them besides you.

- Luis G.

George and his team were great. He was able to get the best settlement possible at a very fast pace. Communicated and kept me updated with everything. (Highly recommended)

- Quincy

Great employment lawyer for executive employment negotiations. George was invaluable in helping me negotiate a separation agreement for early retirement with my employer, after a three decade employment with them. He is a great attorney and his litigation background is helpful in negotiations.

- Dave

George got me a great result eventhough we were going against a big company. He delivered and kept me updated each step along the way.

- Luis I.

George Azadian is the most professional and personable attorney I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He kept me informed and made me feel relaxed and calm about a very stressful situation. I can’t thank Mr. Azadian enough and would highly recommend him.

- Kimberly F.

I had an extremely positive experience working with this firm on my case regarding unfair termination; they really are experts in overtime laws. Five stars for their quick and prompt communication, strong knowledge of employment laws, and aggressive negotiation tactics.

- Rachel Mulkerin

George Azadian is a great wage and hour lawyer. He knows his stuff and about overtime. Very responsible and responds immediately to questions.

- Krystie Daley

George and his associates are a very friendly and aggressive team nothing short of amazing always professional and kept great communication throughout the process.

- Knathan Rivera

From the moment I stepped in George’s office, I knew he was going to be my lawyer. I had “shopped” around quite a bit for wrongful termination lawyers, and many others were unknowledgeable or didn’t seem interested in helping me. When I met with George, he blew me away – he was prepared, professional and knowledgeable.
I liked working with George because he was very knowledgeable, but also compassionate and understanding. Never once did I feel like he was annoyed with my questions, or rushing to get me off the phone. He took every one of my calls, and answered every one of my emails within an hour or less.

When it came to the negotiations, I never felt pressured. George laid out the facts, and offered advice when it was solicited. He was willing to take risks if I was, but also was realistic in setting expectations. We constantly assessed the situation together and I felt like the was truly a partner in the whole process.

In the end, he got me a fantastic result in a relatively quick period of time. He made this entire frustrating experience as smooth as possible. I am so glad that I made the right decision by using Azadian Law Group to represent me. I can’t imagine having found a better lawyer and a better person to represent me. Thank you George!! (and Edrik!!)

- Lauren Diagle

George is a great and an amazing lawyer. He is very good, dedicated and really cares about his clients. Me and my family are very thankful and blessed that we hired a lawyer like him.

- Roselle Mendoza

He was great. The best lawyer in town. He got the job done did not procrastinate call me on time got information back to me on time everything was well professional thank you George

- Myeshia Adams

I could not have asked for a better lawyer. I was referred to him by very trusted friend. He is incredibly knowledgable about employment law, including maternity laws which was very helpful in my case. He was very responsive – never left me hanging – always kept me updated and answered all of my questions – no matter how silly I felt they were. He truly cared about me and my situation which made a normally unpleasant experience seemless and easy. I have since referred him to colleagues and friends because I was that impressed and satisfied with his work.

- Kim Nguyen

The employment lawyers here truly care about me, George Azadian goes above and beyond on your behalf, he keeps in constant contact concerning my case and is very professional, I feel blessed to have him for my attorney
I am so happy I hired him in my time of desperate need, I wish I could give them 10 stars!

- Lizzy Martin

One of the best firms I talked to.  I talked to many attorneys in the employment field and did not find any with huge verdicts and settlements that were actually paid.  This firm actually collects. Careful about this. Some lawyers get verdicts and settlements but end up never actually being able to collect. Especially if its in the high millions. This was a big one for me.

They are very professional and will not waste their time or yours if they do not see potential in your case because they live up to their word that they only charge pure contingency and not this surprise retainer business that most others do. So you have nothing to really lose. Also have amazing credentials that most other plaintiffs lawyers lack.

- Victoria V.

If I could give this law firm more than 5 stars, I would! I was laid off from my job less than 1 month after returning from maternity leave and I knew that it was wrong of them to do that. I had called a couple of attorneys in my area, but I was on the fence about hiring some of them. Then I found George. I was impressed that I was actually able to speak to him immediately. During our conversation, I knew George was going to be the lawyer that was going to go above and beyond for me. He was very patient with me, answered all my questions, and went over all details of my case.

Something that I really value is that I was treated like an actual person and not just another case. I know George and his team are busy, however every single time I had a question, I would email him and he would respond quickly! Not even my husband responds that quickly to my text messages!

George Azadian and his team are great employment lawyers who handled my case very well and I am very pleased with the outcome and how fast they handled everything!

- Nancie J.

After losing my job while on maternity leave, I was having a hard time coping with what would come next. Luckily I was referred to the Azadian law group where my mind was put at ease. I knew my termination was wrongful, but I didn’t actually think there was anything I could do about it nor did I have the time to deal with the stresses of a law suit as I was already busy with taking care of a newborn. George and his associate helped me move on from this difficult time without even having to go to trial. The settlement they negotiated was more than the severance package my previous employer had offered and I was able to comfortably look for a new job. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family.

- Ashley P.

I spoke with a few attorneys before contacting azadian law group. They were the best because they have straight contingency, no hidden costs and retainer requirements, have won millions of dollars, and were the most professional.

- Tina R.

Just resolved a very important employment matter through George Azadian. He and his office provided great service. He works on a contingency so no costs from me. Could not be happier with this employment law firm!

- Garo A.

Fighting for your rights against a huge firm can be daunting to say the least, coupled with the fact that you are already stressed and traumatized from the humiliating experience of being wrongfully terminated

- Suz Kim
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