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June 16, 2017

The Los Angeles Employment Lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC is pleased to announce that the law firm has been honored with Yelp’s “People Love Us On Yelp” Award based on our outstanding service to our clients and resulting 5 star reviews.

Yelp is the premier website and mobile application for individuals seeking unbiased reviews and other customers’ experiences for a wide-range of businesses ranging from restaurants, schools, doctor’s offices, and law firms.

Nothing makes the Los Angeles Employment Lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC happier than making a positive impact on clients’ lives following a wrongful termination or other difficulties in the workplace. We will continue to deliver exceptional service and results for our clients through a focused and goal-oriented strategy that is tailored for every case based on its specific facts and circumstances.



The following presents an overview of the broad range of employment law cases that our employment law attorneys are experienced at overseeing and favorably resolving.
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