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May 24, 2017

Los Angeles Employment Lawyer George Azadian Employment Arbitration Lecture:  Based on his impressive results in employment law arbitrations, Los Angeles Employment Lawyer, George Azadian, has been invited to speak at the LA County Bar Association’s June 10th panel on navigating employment arbitration along with the Hon. Enrique Romero (Ret.) and the Hon. Margaret A. Nagle (Ret.). The event will be held at UCLA School of Law and more information is available through the following link.

Mr. Azadian has successfully litigated numerous employment law cases through arbitration in California, including employment arbitrations administered through the American Arbitration Association (AAA), JAMS Arbitration, ADR Services, Alternative Resolution Centers (ARC) Arbitration, and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Arbitration. He has unique insights as to whether an arbitration agreement can be successfully challenged in Court, the pros and cons of arbitration, and the procedures to ensure that executives and employees are aggressively represented in any forum, including arbitration.

Employment law arbitrations present a combination of unique difficulties and important opportunities in labor law cases for employees and executives. While there are many hurdles that must be dealt with effectively, there are many ways in which employment law arbitration can actually be more favorable  for employees if done properly, including the fact that the award is extremely difficult to appeal successfully. Through successfully representing numerous employees in arbitration against very large employers, Mr. Azadian will offer his unique insights on the arbitration process, including selection of the arbitrator, employment law discovery in arbitration cases, presentation of an effective wrongful termination case to the Arbitrator, confirming an award in the employee’s favor in Superior Court, and appellate issues related to employment law arbitrations.

With arbitration clauses becoming more and more common each year and being included in offer letters, employee handbooks, orientation materials, and even online employment forms, the importance of effectively presenting a wrongful termination case to an Arbitrator have never been greater. In the coming years, the amount of employment law arbitration is expected to continue to increase exponentially.



The following presents an overview of the broad range of employment law cases that our employment law attorneys are experienced at overseeing and favorably resolving.
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