Facing wrongful termination during a probationary period can be a disheartening experience for any employee. The uncertainty and frustration that come with losing a job can be compounded when the termination is perceived as unjust.[...]

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In the intricate world of employment law, the significance of Non-Compete Agreements cannot be overstated. These legally binding contracts have become a focal point, especially when viewed through the lens of wrongful termination. Let’s embark[...]

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Indeed, discussing wrongful termination in California is a valuable topic, as California has robust employment laws that provide significant protections for employees. Here are some key points discussed by our employment lawyer in Los Angeles[...]

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Losing your job can be a distressing experience, mainly if you believe your termination was unjust or unlawful. In such situations, it's crucial to understand your rights and explore your legal options. Wrongful termination is[...]

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Although California is technically an at-will employment state, where an employer can fire you at any time, that doesn’t necessarily mean an employer can terminate your employment for any reason. Illegal reasons to fire an[...]

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Wrongful termination can have a significant impact on the lives of workers in the United States. It occurs when an employer terminates an employee for illegal reasons. Examples include discrimination, retaliation, or a violation of[...]

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California is one of a few states that operate under at-will employment laws, which can have a significant impact on a wrongful termination claim or lawsuit. At-will employment means that either the employer or the[...]

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Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in nearby Pomona, California, has recently become the target of two lawsuits. One involves a former employee claiming to be the victim of racial harassment. The other, which may be[...]

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Nearly a decade ago, Sherry Chen, a Chinese-American scientist, was an employee of the National Weather Service when false accusations of espionage resulted in the loss of her job. In 2014, the FBI arrested Chen,[...]

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