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March 20, 2022 20 2022
Azadian Law Group
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the United States is a component of the US Department of Labor. The responsibilities of the EEOC include developing new measures to prevent and resolve workplace harassment and discrimination. The EEOC is also...Read More
March 19, 2022 19 2022
Azadian Law Group
It’s an unfortunate reality that many people working in California face discriminatory treatment from their employers. Some are denied employment for discriminatory reasons, while others endure hostile work environments and unfair treatment from their employers due to their status as...Read More
March 18, 2022 18 2022
Azadian Law Group
California employment laws include various regulations regarding pay, benefits, and expense compensation for employees. Employers must abide by these terms and pay their employees appropriately. When it comes to business-related expenses, employers are typically responsible for compensating their employees for...Read More
March 17, 2022 17 2022
Azadian Law Group
California enforces strict rules pertaining to workplace discrimination, prohibiting employers from making job-related decisions or showing favoritism based on an employee’s personal protected qualities. Unfortunately, many people in California experience various types of discrimination, some of which can be difficult...Read More
March 16, 2022 16 2022
Azadian Law Group
Unfortunately, many people working in all industries in California face discrimination in their workplaces. While the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) uphold strict laws prohibiting workplace discrimination, this behavior persists...Read More
March 15, 2022 15 2022
Azadian Law Group
California enforces various strict labor laws intended to preserve workers’ rights and prevent workers from being forced to work too many hours in a day or too many hours in a week. The California overtime laws for 2022 intend to...Read More
February 17, 2022 17 2022
Azadian Law Group
Many people working in California have demanding jobs, and the term “hostile work environment” is commonly misunderstood. A hostile work environment manifests when discrimination prevents employees from performing their job duties. Hostile work environment claims most often pertain to sexual...Read More
February 16, 2022 16 2022
Azadian Law Group
Discrimination in the workplace is an unfortunate reality that many people working in California experience every day. However, discrimination is not always overt. Many employees endure protracted abuse from their coworkers and supervisors due to a lack of awareness of...Read More
February 15, 2022 15 2022
Azadian Law Group
Employment law can be confusing, and for many employees in California, it can seem one-sided in favor of employers. Being fired from a job can be a traumatic experience that leads to personal and economic uncertainty. While many employers base...Read More
February 14, 2022 14 2022
Azadian Law Group
Wrongful termination occurs whenever an employer fires an employee illegally. While the at-will employment law of California generally provides expansive flexibility for employers when it comes to hiring and firing employees, employers may not violate employment contracts, nor may they...Read More
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