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September 11, 2022

While you’re deciding on an attorney for your wrongful termination or employment discrimination lawsuit, here are 5 questions you should be asking before you contact a labor attorney:

Are They Specialists or “Jacks of All Trades?”

You’ve probably heard the saying— “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
Some law offices in Los Angeles are one-stop-shops for civil attorneys; however, when it comes to a lawyer’s practice area, less is actually more.

Like the state itself, California’s law is quite massive. In fact, California labor laws are some of the country’s most complex in themselves.

For the best chance of winning or settling high on your case, you’ll want a labor attorney who’s an all-star in only one practice area— employment law.

On the ideal employment attorney’s website, you’ll see more niche categories of law like “employment disputes,” “disability discrimination,” “sexual harassment,” “wrongful termination for pregnancy,” “hour violations,” and others limited to work and labor.

If you see things about car wrecks and divorce— that means their firm is less specialized. Odds are, they may have only 1 or 2 lawyers who can help you with your employment case there.

Find an employment law firm that’s 100% dedicated to California employment law. They’ll have the most up-to-date experience, resources, and expertise in labor laws.

Do They Ask for a Retainer Upfront?

You’ll need to consider what you can afford. If you’re in the position of looking for a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer, chances are you’re unemployed and unable to pay a $5,000 retainer right now.

Many employment lawyers realize this and use a pay-a-percentage model as their incentive to either win or negotiate the highest settlement for you.

Are They Local?

Despite the popularity of remote work and digital communication nowadays, you need to find a lawyer that knows your community and whom you can reach conveniently.

Law and litigation still largely require face-to-face meetings. Plus, you may prefer to drop off evidence and sign important litigation documents this way.

Commuting hours away just to meet with your lawyer will only add to your stress. If you’re living in Downtown LA, for instance, a page that says “Attorney in Los Angeles” sounds more promising.

How’s Their Track Record?

Look at their reviews. Good attorneys won’t take clients unless they’re just about certain they can win or settle large for them.

If their reviews contradict their marketing promises, then they probably don’t invest much into their client’s overall satisfaction. Do they display case results, for example?

You want an attorney that sees clients as people— not case numbers. Look for indications that they’re polite communicators, organized and that they’re representing employees with passion.

Will They Pressure You to Go to Trial?

Lastly, not everyone wants a long, drawn-out legal battle. Some clients are fine to settle on an agreed sum for their wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or hours of violence cases.

Some lawyers, though, will put the pressure on you to risk everything in an all-or-nothing trial.

Some employment trials can reap millions of dollars for their victims (and lawyers).

Find an attorney who supports you on either option.

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