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Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Riverside, CA

Sexual harassment is a persistent problem in American workplaces. Every day, thousands of people working in all industries face various forms of sexual harassment, some more overt and distressing than others. Any form of sexual harassment is unacceptable in the workplace, but unfortunately, many victims of this type of behavior are unaware of the legal protections available to them and their rights when it comes to holding employers accountable.

If you believe you have suffered any form of sexual harassment in your workplace in Riverside, CA, it is vital to work with an experienced Riverside sexual harassment lawyer if you intend to pursue legal action in response. The right attorney can streamline the difficult case proceedings ahead of you and help you approach this challenging situation with confidence and peace of mind.

The Azadian Law Group, PC has years of experience representing clients in a wide range of employment disputes. We understand the complexities of these cases and the legal roadblocks that claimants often face when it comes to holding their employers accountable. Whatever your situation entails, you can rely on our team to provide the compassionate and comprehensive legal support you need to navigate your sexual harassment claim successfully.

Riverside Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Why Do I Need a Riverside Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

You might think that your coworker’s or employer’s recent behavior is a clear example of sexual harassment and that you should have minimal difficulty holding them accountable for the damage they have done to you. However, the reality is that sexual harassment claims can be very difficult to prove, and there is a complex legal process you must complete if you want to hold the at-fault party appropriately accountable for their actions.

The average person with no formal legal training would likely struggle in various ways to meet the procedural obligations of their case. They may overlook crucial pieces of evidence or fail to recognize opportunities to claim damages. They are also likely to struggle with the preliminary review process a sexual harassment case usually requires. When you have an experienced Riverside sexual harassment attorney representing you, all of these issues are much easier to handle. The Azadian Law Group, PC has the experience and resources you need on your side to navigate your case as efficiently as possible and secure an acceptable result.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

The term “sexual harassment” is quite broad and can apply to many different situations. Ultimately, any incident of a sexual nature that negatively influences an employee when it comes to their ability to do their job can potentially qualify as an incident of sexual harassment. Some of the most commonly reported examples of sexual harassment in Riverside, CA include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances. Romantic relationships often develop in the workplace, but any social interactions between coworkers should be kept respectful. While it may be fine to ask a coworker on a date, making overt unwanted sexual advances on a coworker or a subordinate is illegal and a clear example of sexual harassment.
  • Unwanted sexual commentary. No employee should be subjected to hearing unwanted sexual banter in their workplace. If you have asked your coworkers to stop making such references and have explored internal conflict resolution channels to put a stop to unwanted sexual commentary to no avail, you may have grounds for a sexual harassment claim.
  • Quid pro quo,” which entails an exchange of sexual favors for job-related benefits. For example, if your employer offers you a promotion in exchange for sex, or if they demand a sexual favor in exchange for refraining from job-related disciplinary action against you, such offers constitute quid pro quo sexual harassment.
  • Sexual battery. Unfortunately, some people take sexual harassment beyond words and engage in overt physical abuse of coworkers or subordinates. If you were touched, groped, or otherwise sexually battered in your workplace, you not only have grounds to file a sexual harassment claim, but the offender likely faces criminal charges as well.

If you are unsure whether a recent experience at work qualifies as an incident of sexual harassment, it’s important that you consult an experienced Riverside sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. Your legal team can review the details of your experience and let you know if you have grounds for legal action. If so, they can guide you through the difficult proceedings ahead of you.

Filing an EEOC Claim for Sexual Harassment in Riverside, California

You cannot directly sue an employer or coworker for sexual harassment, no matter how severe your experience was.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the United States is the government agency responsible for investigating claims of workplace discrimination and harassment, and you must file an EEOC claim before proceeding with legal action against the party that harassed you.

The EEOC claim process is relatively straightforward, but it is still best to have an experienced Riverside sexual harassment lawyer guide you through it. Your attorney can help you complete all necessary claim forms and gather any evidence you may need to submit with your claim. Success with your sexual harassment claim may require obtaining statements from coworkers or previous employees of your workplace who can testify in support of your claim. Once you have everything you need for your EEOC claim, you will submit it to the EEOC and await their findings.

The EEOC is required to complete an investigation of a claim within 180 days of the claim’s filing. The agency may contact you for more information if they need it while they process your claim, and once they conclude their investigation, they will either dismiss your claim or send you a Notice of Right to Sue that allows you to proceed with a civil lawsuit against the party that sexually harassed you.

Having the EEOC’s support behind your claim significantly improves your chances of successfully securing compensation for your experience and holding the at-fault party accountable. Once you obtain your Right to Sue from the EEOC, your Riverside sexual harassment lawyer will assist you in filing your civil suit.

Damages and Compensation in Riverside, CA Sexual Harassment Claims

It can be difficult to determine the scope of the damages you can seek in a sexual harassment claim, but you can rely on your Riverside sexual harassment lawyer for guidance in this aspect of your case. Typically, the damages included in most sexual harassment cases are:

  • Lost income and the value of lost benefits. If you lost your job due to refusal to grant sexual favors to your employer or were wrongfully terminated, or if you were forced to quit your job because of the sexual harassment you experienced in the workplace, the defendant is liable for lost income and benefits resulting from the situation.
  • Reinstatement. If you lost your job or were forced to quit due to sexual harassment, you might want to have your job back without dealing with future sexual harassment. Your attorney can potentially help secure reinstatement to your previous position if you desire it.
  • Emotional distress. Experiencing sexual harassment of any kind can be emotionally traumatic, and the defendant is responsible for the emotional distress they inflicted on you. Your Riverside sexual harassment lawyer will be invaluable when it comes to determining an appropriate amount of noneconomic damages to include in your claim.
  • Punitive damages. While you cannot seek this type of compensation directly, the judge handling your case may award punitive damages at their discretion in response to severe incidents of sexual harassment or criminal behavior, like sexual battery.

The recovery from a sexual harassment claim could potentially be substantial, and the right attorney on your side significantly improves your chances of securing fair compensation for your experience.

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The initial investigation from the EEOC can take up to 180 days, and the case proceedings that are likely to follow the EEOC investigation may take several more months to conclude. Your Riverside sexual harassment lawyer can advise you as to the anticipated timetable your case is likely to follow and how long it will take to conclude the case.

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Sexual harassment is a violation of both federal law and California state law. The party responsible for sexually harassing you is not only liable for any civil damages they inflicted upon you but also criminal charges. A company that knowingly allows sexual harassment in the workplace can face very heavy fines and severely diminished public reputation. If your sexual harassment entailed any type of physical abuse, the offender is likely to go to jail and face sex offender registration.

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One of the most difficult aspects of any sexual harassment case is objectively proving the truth of the situation. Your Riverside sexual harassment lawyer can help you gather the evidence and witness testimony you will need to prove the truth of your experience and hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions.

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It’s natural to worry about the potential cost of your legal fees, but the Azadian Law Group, PC makes legal counsel accessible and affordable when you need it most. We use a contingency fee billing system, meaning that we only take a fee once we win your case as a percentage of your final case award.

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It’s vital to secure the legal counsel you need and to begin working on your sexual harassment claim as soon as possible after your experience. Contact the Azadian Law Group, PC today and schedule your consultation with a compassionate Riverside sexual harassment lawyer.

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