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  • $9,957,411 Wrongful Termination of Doctor (Vamvakas, M.D. v. CPLM, Inc. & Mahul Amin, M.D.)
  • $5,700,000 Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (Fitzgibbons, M.D. v. Integrated Healthcare Holdings, Inc.)
  • $3,500,000 Severance Negotiation for Executive (Settlement Reached Prior To Filing Lawsuit)
  • $3,000,000 Wage & Hour Class Action (Irizarry v. Healthcare Services Group, Inc.)
  • $2,435,000 Retaliation Against Executive (Settlement Reach Prior To Filing Lawsuit)
  • $985,000 Wrongful Termination (Confidential Settlement)
  • $800,000 Wrongful Termination of Nurse for Patient Advocacy (Confidential Settlement)
  • $735,000 Breach of Contract Action Against Medical Center (Strauser/Ramirex v. El Centro REgional Medical Center)
  • $669,308 Retaliation And Wrongful Termination (Frontino v. Macy's Stores, Inc.)
  • $510,000 Wrongful Termination of Healthcare Professional for Gender Discrimination (Confidential Settlement)
  • $500,000 Wrongful Termination of Doctor For Whistleblowing (Confidential Settlement)
  • $450,000 Discrimination And Wage Claims By Salesperson (Confidential Settlement)
  • $450,000 Failure To Accommodate Disability (Confidential Settlement)
  • $430,000 Severance Negotiation (Confidential Settlement)
  • $425,000 Wage & Hour (Gretler v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan)
  • $365,000 False Advertising Class Action Settlement (Martin v. Starbucks)
  • $340,000 Wrongul Termination of Hospital Executive (Confidential Settlement)
  • $325,000 Wage & Hour Lawsuit Settlement (Settlement Reach Prior to Filing Lawsuit)
  • $300,000 Wrongful Termination of Bank Employee Included In A Layoff (Confidential Settlement)
  • $300,000 Wrongful Termination of Information Technology Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $270,000 Wrongful Termination of Radiology Technologist (Confidential Settlement)
  • $250,000 Harassment of Hospital Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $250,000 Wrongful Termination of Bank Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $250,000 Retaliation Against Short-Term Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $185,000 Wage & Hour Against Restaurant (Dieda v. Restaurant)
  • $175,000 Breach Of Employment Agreement (Confidential Settlement)
  • $160,000 Failure To Accommodate Clerical Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $160,000 Misrepresentation Re Retirement Benefits (Confidential Settlement)
  • $150,000 Unsafe Working Conditions Lawsuit On Behalf Of Pharmacist (Confidential Settlement)
  • $150,000 Wrongful Termination Lawsuit On Behalf Of Nurse (Confidential Settlement)
  • $150,000 Wrongful Termination Lawsuit On Behalf Of Doctor (Confidential Settlement)
  • $150,000 Wrongful Constructive Termination Of Hourly Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $145,000 Retaliation Lawsuit On Behalf Of Doctor (Confidential Settlement)
  • $140,000 Retaliation Against Marketing Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $125,000 Retaliation Lawsuit On Behalf Of Hourly Worker (Confidential Settlement)
  • $125,000 Failure To Accommodate Disability (Confidential Settlement)
  • $120,000 Retaliation Lawsuit On Behalf Of Hourly Worker (Confidential Settlement)
  • $115,000 Gender Discrimination And Harassment Lawsuit (Confidential Settlement)
  • $114,500 Disability Discrimination & Failure To Accommodate (Confidential Settlement)
  • $110,000 Hostile Work Environment On Behalf Of Hourly Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $110,000 Retaliation Lawsuit On Behalf Of Nurse (Confidential Settlement)
  • $100,000 Retaliation Lawsuit On Behalf Of Psychologist (Confidential Settlement)
  • $100,000 Age Discrimination Lawsuit On Behalf Of Accounts Payable Employee (Confidential Settlement)
  • $100,000 Retaliation Claims On Behalf Of Psychologist (Confidential Settlement)
  • $1,500 PER CALL Consumer Claims Against Telemarketer (Confidential Settlement)
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Free Case Evaluation Contact the Los Angeles Employment Lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC Today

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers | Wrongful Termination Lawyers

George S. Azadian - Los Angeles Employment LawyerLos Angeles Employment Lawyers | Wrongful Termination Lawyers: The Los Angeles employment attorneys and wrongful termination lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC are dedicated to exclusively representing employees in wrongful termination various employment law cases. Known for providing aggressive advocacy and personal service, our experienced labor lawyers are skilled at protecting employees’ rights, holding employers accountable, and fighting on behalf of our clients in both state and federal courts.

With the Azadian Law Group on your side, you can count on having our skilled employment lawyers provide you with:

  • A free consultation to see if you have a case.
  • Focused and effective representation throughout your wrongful termination or employment law case.
  • The insight, knowledge and resources necessary to achieve the best possible resolution to your wrongful termination or employment law case.

Our Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers have recovered more than $30 million for our clients in just three years.

We encourage you to continue exploring our site for more information about our experience, practice and record of success. When you are ready for information regarding your rights, your potential case and your recovery options, simply contact us. Our Los Angeles employment attorneys are ready to answer your questions and help you pursue your best options for recovery and justice related to your wrongful termination or other employment law matter.

How to Choose an Employment Attorney in Los Angeles

When it’s time to take action against an employer who has violated your rights, choosing the right employment lawyer can make a big the difference in the success of your claim. Some of the qualifications to look for when selecting an employment attorney to represent your case include:

  • Experience and a record of success through large verdicts and settlements in wrongful termination and employment law cases
  • A law practice focused on litigating employment law and wrongful termination cases
  • A commitment to only representing employees and never representing employers
  • Trial experience in wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, and other employment cases
  • A guarantee that your case will not be handed off to an inexperienced associate

The Los Angeles employment attorneys at the Azadian Law Group, PC possess these qualities – and so much more.

About Us – We Are The Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Pros!

George S. Azadian is the president of the Azadian Law Group, PC in the Los Angeles area, focuses solely on employment law, and is highly regarded as one of the best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles. Exclusively representing employees from C-level executives to minimum wage earners, the employment lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC has recovered more than $30,000,000 for their clients in just three years.

Having initially worked for years in very large defense firms in California, George S. Azadian and his Associate employment lawyers have a unique insight into how Fortune 500 companies and other organizations operate and have the experience and resources necessary to determine which avenues to explore in order to protect the rights of the firm’s clients in wrongful termination or employment law matters.

What Is Employment Law?

Employment law refers to a body of the law, which protects workers. These laws are intended to ensure that a variety of rights and benefits are provided to employees, including protection from wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, fair wages, overtime compensation for non-exempt employees, and meal/rest breaks.

California boasts some of the most protective and extensive employment laws in our country. Some of the most common areas which are seen by the employment lawyers  at Azadian Law Group, PC include:

How to Know If You Have a Wrongful Termination Or Employment Law Case?

Many employees who think they have been treated unfairly call our office in Pasadena or downtown Los Angeles unsure whether or not they have a case. This is why we make sure that every potential client received a quality free consultation.

Our attorneys will explore a number of different issues which may affect your case, including:

  • If the employment action is based on either a protected characteristic or a protected activity
  • All comparative evidence (i.e., is the employer treating all employees consistently?)
  • If there are inconsistent or shifting explanations why certain actions (such as termination) were taken by an employer
  • What documents may be helpful in establishing a high value employment law case

What does a wrongful termination look like to a skilled Los Angeles Employment Lawyer?

If you have been fired and have a feeling that the real reason for your termination was improper, it is important to consult with our team of Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers. Lots of times an employer will use a false reason or give no reason at all for a termination in order to hide the employer’s true illegal motive for terminating an employee. Here are some examples of recent wrongful termination successfully handled by our firm’s skilled employment law attorneys:
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who recently took medical leave.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who complained about a manager’s sexual harassment and hitting on the employee.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who complained she was being paid less than men doing her same job.
  • Wrongful termination of a hospital employee who complained that another employee was harming patients.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who complained about being discriminated against due to his race by his manager and subjected to unfair standards.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee who was not permitted to return to her same job after giving birth.
  • Wrongful termination of a gay employee in Los Angeles for being late to work when non-gay employees were not terminated for being late to work.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who complained about not receiving meal and rest breaks.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles in retaliation for supporting a co-worker’s complaint of a hostile work environment to human resources.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles by refusing to allow an employee to return after taking medical leave.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who complained about a physical threat from a co-worker.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee in Los Angeles who submitted a doctor’s note for modified work duty due to a medical issue the employee was having.
  • Wrongful termination of an employee who complained that she should be receiving overtime.
These are only some examples from the hundreds of wrongful termination cases successfully handled by the skilled Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers at Azadian Law Group, PC. Please feel free to learn more about wrongful termination law on our dedicated retaliation and wrongful termination page.

How Our Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Handle Free Consultations

Potential clients are free to call our office or submit and inquiry through the contact form on our website. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers carefully review the information provided and ask numerous questions to get a better sense of the facts surrounding the potential case. Throughout the free consultation we will be delving deep in your employment issues, conduct an interview, and gather any pertinent documents which you may have on hand.

If we believe you may have a case, we will also make sure to request your personnel file from your employer to prevent them from potentially tampering with your file. This action puts the employer on notice and ensures that all evidence related to your employment is safeguarded and not deleted by the employer. The personnel file may also contain other important information such as performance reviews, employee handbooks, medical forms, arbitration agreements, and notes related to adverse actions taken against the employee (such as demotions, suspensions, or a termination).

Los Angeles Employment Lawyer for Workplace Issues

Once we decide to accept the case, our workplace lawyers will draft a legal complaint to be filed in court, which details what the case is about and which outlines what supporting information we have. We work with our clients to make sure the facts are accurate and set forth in a persuasive manner. Once the complaint is completed, if the client wishes, we can try to settle the case before it is filed in court by sending the formal complaint along with a detailed legal analysis of the employment claims and damages suffered by our client. If possible, we will also obtain a positive or neutral reference from your former employer so that you have a better chance of finding gainful employment elsewhere. Due to our proven success and results that very few employment rights lawyers have obtained, we are able to bring significant leverage to the negotiating table. In the event the employer does not offer an amount that our client wishes to accept, we promptly file the case in court and aggressively litigate the matter. We keep our clients updated every step of the way and immediately respond to any questions or concerns our clients have.

Azadian Law Group, PC covers all costs involved with a case and our expenses are only recovered if you are compensated for your losses. We fully invest our time and resources into every case we handle, and we are proud to ensure that justice is served for our clients.

To speak with one of our employment law attorneys today for a free consultation, we welcome you to call us at (626) 449-4944 or (213) 229-9031.

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Types of Employment Cases We Handle The following presents an overview of the broad range of employment law cases that our attorneys are experienced at overseeing and favorably resolving.
Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is more than a shock to those who suffer from the abrupt and painful loss of income; it is illegal under California law. If your workplace dismissal was based on your complaints about illegal activity or can be tied to a violation of any one of California employment laws or regulations, Azadian Law Group can help you fight back against your employer ...

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Age Discrimination

Setting arbitrary age limits for interviewing, hiring or advancing workers is illegal. Employees over the age of 40 are protected against favoritism towards younger workers, including requests or suggestions that older workers retire. Limiting, segregating or depriving individuals –adversely affecting their status because of age, is grounds for litigation. Older workers are finding themselves at a disadvantage in a growing, “younger” workplace, leading to more than just culture clashes in and out of the office. At Azadian Law Group, we can help protect your rights ...

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Pregnancy Discrimination

Treating an employee less favorably or terminating an employee due to their pregnancy is illegal under both California and Federal Law, including The Pregnancy Discrimination Act contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and California’ Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA). Both California and Federal law also provide for medical leave for individuals who are disabled or need time to recover due to their pregnancy or related medical conditions, as well as protection for bonding time following birth. These laws include the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Rights Act (CFRA), and California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL) ...

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Sexual Harassment

Sexually harassing an applicant or employee through unwanted sexual advances – verbal or physical – or requests for sexual favors in exchange for positive treatment is not only disgraceful, it is illegal. Also, harassment extends beyond sexual exploitation and can include offensive comments or sexually charged pictures or gestures ...

View More
Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination is the result of a disabled individual being treated less favorably than a non-disabled person in the same or similar circumstances. Disability discrimination also includes an employer’s failure to provide reasonable accommodations for a medical condition or engage in an interactive process to determine what accommodations would be useful to a disabled employee. Refusal of service, entry, hire or advancement because of a disability is illegal, and is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’ Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) ...

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Race Discrimination

Being treated less favorably than another individual because of your race, nationality, ethnicity, or skin tone is illegal. Azadian Law Group believes each person in our community is equal, and we have the law on our side to prove it. We will stand up to the injustice of race discrimination in the workplace and pursue equality via the courtroom on our client’s behalf ...

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Client Reviews
George Azadian
George Azadian President

George S. Azadian practices in the area of employment law, exclusively representing employees. His work focuses on cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower, harassment, and wage ...

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Ani Azadian
Ani Azadian Counsel

Ani Azadian offers the Azadian Law Group’s clients her unique insight and skillset, which she gained from working for multiple Judges and one of the country’s largest and most respected defense firms ...

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Edrik Mehrabi
Edrik Mehrabi Associate

Edrik Mehrabi is an Associate at the Azadian Law Group, PC. He is an aggressive employment law lawyer focusing on employment lawsuits, including wrongful termination, wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims ...

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