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Hollywood (also known as Tinseltown) is a neighborhood set in the heart of Los Angeles, California which is the most widely recognized film industry in the world. In 1870 the area was a small community, but after it merged with Los Angeles in 1910, it quickly evolved into the thriving entertainment epicenter it is today.

Though known for its involvement in the motion picture industry, Hollywood is an economically diverse neighborhood and has a thriving retail business district which is regularly frequented by famous celebrities such as Rodeo Drive.

Retail Injury Study Stuns Authors

In 2010 NIOSH released a comprehensive report which evaluated the injuries and illnesses present in both retail trade and wholesale trade industries. This study changed the way many perceived the retail industry which has been generally characterized as an injury and illness-free industry.

The study found that according to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2006, approximately 820,500 injuries occurred among 21 million retail workers in our country. There were 581 fatalities.

The researcher also found that while the retail and wholesale trade industry made up for 15.5% of private-sector work for that year, it also accounted for over 20% of non-fatal injuries and illnesses.

Leading Injuries for Retail

The majority of injuries for those in wholesale and retail are musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Some of the most common types of injuries include:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Back pain
  • General soreness
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

These can be caused by a number of actions, including stocking shelves, unloading trucks, and managing storerooms.

“Grin and Bear It” MayBe More Common for Retail Workers

The study also points out another key issue: because retail work is thought of as being “non-risky” and because those in the industry are often working in a part-time and hourly wage situation, they may be less inclined to report the injury because they fear that they may lose their job. This may result in workers continuing to work until they can no longer ignore their injury.

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The Azadian Law Group, PC provides exceptional legal services and representation to injured workers throughout Hollywood, CA. If your employer is acting unlawfully because of your workplace injury, or if your claim has been denied, we want to hear from you.

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