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California law and federal law protect workers who report violations, cooperate with investigations, and otherwise call attention to wrongdoing in the workplace. Employers cannot retaliate against employees who “blow the whistle” on them.

Unfortunately, not all employers obey the law. Perhaps you know this from firsthand experience.

If so, review your case with a Los Angeles workplace retaliation attorney at Azadian Law Group, PC. You may have grounds to take legal action in these circumstances.

Common Forms of Workplace Retaliation in Los Angeles

There are various ways an employer can potentially retaliate against an employee who has reported safety violations, filed workplace sexual harassment complaints, cooperated with investigators, or taken any other such actions. The following are merely a few noteworthy examples:

  • Firing an employee
  • Demoting an employee
  • Forcing an employee to perform undesirable work tasks or assigning them to undesirable shifts
  • Limiting an employee’s ability to participate in training programs or professional development events
  • Subjecting an employee to workplace harassment or discrimination
  • Refusing to promote an employee or give them a raise
  • Giving an employee negative performance reviews, even if their performance reviews in the past indicated strong work performance

If you suspect you’re being retaliated against in the workplace, document everything. This may involve such steps as:

  • Saving emails, voicemail messages, texts, and chat messages that indicate you’re being mistreated
  • Keeping a written log of any instances in which you feel you’re being retaliated against
  • Identifying any coworkers or other such individuals who may be able to corroborate your claims about workplace retaliation

Your employee handbook might also provide information explaining how to report suspected retaliation to HR. Strongly consider doing so. Although HR may not remedy the situation, and you should thus hire a Los Angeles workplace retaliation attorney as well, filing an official complaint with HR can strengthen your case.

How a Los Angeles Workplace Retaliation Attorney Can Help

Proving an employer is retaliating against you can be challenging. This is simply because employers who engage in workplace retaliation will often fabricate false justifications for the treatment an employee is receiving.

For example, maybe you’ve been fired for being a whistleblower. It’s highly unlikely an employer will openly admit this is the reason you’ve been fired. They’re more likely to cite a valid reason, such as poor work performance, even if your performance has actually remained consistent.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to win a workplace retaliation case. It means your odds of success will be greater if you enlist the help of a qualified legal professional. An experienced Los Angeles workplace retaliation lawyer can assist you by:

  • Investigating all details of the case to gather evidence of retaliation
  • If necessary, look into your employer’s history to determine if they’ve been guilty of retaliation in the past
  • Determining what you may be owed based on the losses you’ve incurred as a result of workplace retaliation

Be aware, holding your employer accountable doesn’t just benefit you. It also reduces the odds that they’ll engage in workplace retaliation again in the future. Thus, by hiring a Los Angeles workplace retaliation attorney with Azadian Law Group to help you see that justice is served, you’ll also be helping current and future employees avoid the same mistreatment you’ve faced. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at 213-229-9031.

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