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Severance Negotiation Lawyer in Newport Beach, CA

When you need a severance review & negotiations attorney, we want you to think about how important this is to you. At the Azadian Law Group, PC, we understand that your livelihood and future depend on you being treated fairly by your employer. Our team has the knowledgeable and experienced you need to help you with all of your severance agreement needs.

Let us review your agreement or help you with negotiations so we can ensure your future well-being.

Why is it important to get help with severance agreements in Newport Beach, CA?

You will often hear severance agreements referred to as separation, termination, or release agreements. We want you to know that employers in California do not have to provide these agreements.

However, if they are offered and made, they are legally binding contracts entered into between the employer and the employee. When an employer does offer these agreements, something typical in higher-level positions, it is important that you have the agreement properly negotiated and reviewed before you sign it.

  • There are times when you could be entitled to a severance agreement, especially if your employer led you to believe there would be some type of severance pay.
  • Our Newport Beach severance review attorney will analyze the organization’s history, employment contracts, handbooks, and other documents to determine whether you should receive severance.
  • If your employer violated your civil rights by discriminating against you based on your race, sex, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or disability, they might wish to enter into a severance agreement in exchange for you giving up your right to file a lawsuit against them.

We are going to help you negotiate your agreement so that you have favorable terms. We will do this in one of two ways:

  1. Essentially “ghost-writing” terms of the agreement for you to bring to your employer.
  2. Making ourselves known and negotiating on your behalf with your employer’s legal representative.

If we are needed to just review your severance agreement, we are going to ensure that the agreement is favorable to you. This means looking out for any tricks or traps that could void the agreement and leave you with nothing. Severance agreements are often filled with legal terminology that can be confusing, but we will cut through that and tell you what it really says.

We will ensure you are being treated fairly

The complexities involved in a severance agreement are often hard to detect, and you really need to have an attorney help you with this. The stakes are simply too high, whether you are a high-level executive or a regular employee. At the Azadian Law Group, PC, we can review and negotiate all aspects of a severance agreement to ensure you are being treated fairly, including:

  • Severance or separation pay agreements
  • Possible increased compensation
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Vested retirement benefits
  • A continuation of benefits (including COBRA payments)
  • Neutral or even favorable references for prospective employers

When you need a Newport Beach severance review & negotiations lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 949-662-5405. We have numerous fee arrangements that will surely fit your needs.

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