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Kaiser Permanente Lawyer Pasadena, CA

Why would you need a Kaiser Permanente employment attorney in Pasadena, CA?

Have you experienced discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, or harassment while working at Kaiser Permanente or its affiliated partners? If so, then you need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At the Azadian Law Group, PC, we have the experience you need to handle your case. We are familiar with Kaiser Permanente’s practices and have successfully litigated cases against them. Let us get to work today so we can secure the compensation you need.

What kind of cases do we handle in Pasadena, CA?

We want you to know that our Pasadena Kaiser Permanente employment lawyer is ready to handle all cases of wrongdoing, including harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation. Kaiser Permanente has more than 210,000 employees, with many of them here in Los Angeles County. We have successfully litigated cases against Kaiser and their affiliates:

  • Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG)
  • The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG)
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

At the Azadian Law Group, PC, we firmly believe that every worker has the right to a workplace free form harassment and discrimination. Our Pasadena Kaiser Permanente lawyers are ready for your case because we understand the ins and outs of their organization, including their structure, union issues, and arbitration clauses. We know what kind of tactic supervisors use to wrongfully terminate employees, including issues with charting, HIPAA compliance, disciplinary policies, and improvement plans.

We are ready to help all levels of Kaiser employees, from doctors, surgeons, and nurses, to technicians, health-plan administrators, and IT workers.

What if you report patient conditions and are fired?

We want you to know that California has special protections in place for healthcare workers who report patient care problems, including the following:

As a healthcare worker, your number one priority is your patient. You should never be punished for looking out for your patients’ interests.

We understand what you need right now

If you have experienced discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or wrongful termination at the hands of Kaiser Permanente, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance. At the Azadian Law Group, PC, we have a proven track record of success against Kaiser Permanente and its many affiliated entities. Let our dedicated and qualified team get to work investigating your claims so we can secure the compensation you deserve today. This can include:

  • Lost back pay and front pay
  • Reinstatement to your job if desired
  • Court costs and legal fees
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Possible punitive damages

We work on contingency, so you will not see a bill unless we are successful with your case. If you need a Pasadena Kaiser Permanente employment lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 626-449-4944.

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