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February 12, 2016

Mr. Azadian recently won $669,308 verdict against Macy’s in wrongful termination case.

Mr. Azadian started off 2016 with a $669,308 win against retail-giant Macy’s in a retaliation and wrongful termination lawsuit where his client was terminated after making complaints that he was being treated unfairly based on his age.

The client was a dedicated Macy’s employee who held the position of Operations Manager. He was asked by his supervisor (the Store Manager) to consider retirement or face termination due to supposed performance issues. Based on his supervisor’s comment and unfair treatment, the employee complained about being discriminated against due to his age. Thereafter, the employee’s performance improved according to objective performance metrics specifically designed by Macy’s to assess performance. Nevertheless, the employee was documented for continued supposed performance issues and terminated.



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