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Los Angeles Employment Lawyers. Expert Wrongful Termination Lawyers: George S. Azadian is the president of the highly regarded Azadian Law Group, PC in the Los Angeles area, and focuses solely on employment law. Exclusively representing employees from C-level executives to minimum wage earners, the Azadian Law Group, PC has recovered more than $30,000,000 for clients in just three years alone.

Having initially worked for years in defense firms, George S. Azadian and his Associate employment lawyers have a unique insight into how Fortune 500 companies and other organizations operate and have the experience necessary to determine which avenues to explore in order to protect the rights of the firm’s clients.

What Is Employment Law?

Employment law refers to a body of the law, which protects workers. These laws are intended to ensure that a variety of rights and benefits are provided to employees, including protection from discrimination, retaliation, harassment, fair wages, overtime compensation for non-exempt employees, and meal/rest breaks.

California boasts some of the most protective and extensive employment laws in our country. Some of the most common areas which are seen by the Azadian Law Group, PC include:

How to Know If You Have a Case

Many employees who think they have been treated unfairly call our office in Pasadena or downtown Los Angeles unsure whether or not they have a case. This is why we make sure that every potential client speaks to an employment law attorney at our law firm for every consultation and not an intake clerk or a paralegal used by most other law firms.

Our attorneys will explore a number of different issues which may affect your case, including:

  • If the employment action is based on either a protected characteristic or a protected activity
  • All comparative evidence (i.e., is the employer treating all employees consistently?)
  • If there are inconsistent or shifting explanations why certain actions (such as termination) were taken by an employer

How the Azadian Law Group, PC Handles Free Case Consultations

Potential clients are free to call our office or submit an inquiry through the contact form on our website. Our lawyers carefully review the information provided and ask numerous questions to get a better sense of the facts surrounding the potential case. Throughout the consultation, we will be delving deep in your employment issues, conduct an interview, and gather any pertinent documents which you may have on hand.

If we believe you may have a case, we will also make sure to request your personnel file from your employer to prevent them from potentially tampering with your file. This action puts the employer on notice and ensures that all evidence related to your employment is safeguarded and not deleted by the employer. The personnel file may also contain other important information such as performance reviews, employee handbooks, medical forms, arbitration agreements, and notes related to adverse actions taken against the employee (such as demotions, suspensions, or a termination).

Once we decide to accept the case, our employment lawyers will draft a legal complaint to be filed in court, which details what the case is about and which outlines what supporting information we have. We work with our clients to make sure the facts are accurate and set forth in a persuasive manner. Once the complaint is completed, if the client wishes, we will typically try to settle the case before it is filed in court by sending the formal complaint along with a detailed legal analysis of the employment claims and damages suffered by our client. If possible, we will also obtain a positive or neutral reference from your former employer so that you have a better chance of finding gainful employment elsewhere. Due to our proven success and results that very few lawyers have obtained, we are able to bring significant leverage to the negotiating table. In the event the employer does not offer an amount that our client wishes to accept, we promptly file the case in court and aggressively litigate the matter. We keep our clients updated every step of the way and immediately respond to any questions or concerns our clients have.

The Azadian Law Group, PC covers all costs involved with a case and our expenses are only recovered if you are compensated for your losses. We fully invest our time and resources into every case we handle, and we are proud to ensure that justice is served for our clients.

To speak with one of our employment law attorneys today for a free consultation, we welcome you to call us at 626-449-4944 or 213-229-9031.

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